9 Cute Unique Gifts for 420

9 Cute Unique Gifts for 420

The best holiday is coming up! No, it’s not Easter (sorry to disappoint :/). It’s 420, the most specialist of special holidays in April. Well, we can't forget about Earth day, of course. 420 is one of my favorite holidays and not just because of the adult activities we take part in but the chillness of the entire atmosphere. Since I was in college, I’ve noticed this very carefree aurora that only happens on 420. Especially if you’re in a legal state. It’s like everyone gets the memo to chill out, shut the fuck up and just relax. Since we are adults doing adult tings, why not buy a dope present for your favorite stoner buddy?!(even if you are your favorite stoner buddy) Check out these super cute, unique gifts you can get right in time for 420!!!! Use code #chilltime to get free shipping!

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  1. Joint Case -

WE HATE SMASHED JOINTS! Store your joints flawlessly in this sick joint case. so they won’t get squished.  This case can hold up to 10 jay’s, contains smell, and it’s travel size!!

  1. Fancy Cones

A unique gift and so super cute! These babies are great for aesthetically smoking and/or an excellent collectors item. Take a look at our 3 different options.

  1.  Fancy Lighters

Anyone would love these cute quirky lighters. They are forever lighters, meaning they are refillable, FOREVER! Everyone at the session will be pretty impressed when you pull this baby out to spark it up.


  1. Rolling Trays

Do you know a friend that’s always making a mess or always losing bud? (I’m the friend) A travel size rolling tray would be a marvelous gift for them! I mean look how adorable and punny!

  1. Stash Box

A hand-made stash box is the true indicator of BUD LOVE. If you get this for your friend they will know that you absolutely adore them! One of a kind, never to be made again.

  1. Doob Tubes

Need a gift for all your stoner friends but don’t want to break the bank? Doob Tubes are the perfect gift for that! They are for sure cute, smell proof, and bend proof. I always keep one in my bag just in case!

  1. Plant Grinder

House plant Lover Stoner Friend?? They’ll Love this extra planty super  cute grinder. It is durable and stylish. Will last pretty much forever! This is such a quality gift.

  1. Rosé Wine Bottle Glass Bowl

OMG are you not in love with this bowl?! It’s truly adorable. This bowl is the best because you can disguise it as home decor!

  1. Trippy Kit

Last but not least!  A good ole trippy Kit included with some stoner essentials. Cones, paper, throwback candy and more! A little stoner lunchbox is the PERFECT gift for anybody who partakes.

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