How I Beat the Parasites from HELL aka Spider-mites

How do I know if I have a Spider Mite infestation?

The first cannabis plant I ever grew, I made it all the way to the flowering stage with little to no issues. I easily thought I was a natural professional, considering I started it from a little itty bitty seed. This one, my first one, grew beautifully. Two weeks before harvest while I was flushing my plants (watering with no nutrients) I noticed this very fine silk like webbing. I naturally assumed  it was some sort of vicious  spider. While I tried not to pass out (spiders inside the house creep me out!) I searched for spiders but saw nothing in the webs.  However, I never found any actual spiders. I did find an unnerving amount of silk like webbing. During  my searching, I started seeing small pin-like dots  all over the top of some of my leaves. I turned the leaves over and zoomed my eyes in and sure enough, some of the dots were moving! (EEEKKK)

2 Key things to determine a spider mite infestation

1. Look for the small little dots in clusters on your leaves. This is where the spider mites are taking bites of your plant and feeding on its juices. Spider Mites eat chlorophyll and all the nutrients you are giving your plants. Because of this, even if you have several houseplants, spider mites will usually gravitate to the cannabis plants. Even they love the stuff. So keep houseplants away from cannabis plants

2. Look for very fine clusters of webbing, most likely in the inner corner of the leaves. They like to huddle there. The most common spot to find them is under the leaves. If you have good eyesight you will see them moving on the underside of the leaves. If you don’t have good eyesight get a jewelers loop or use the zoom on your extra pricey Iphone. If you can’t see at all, feel for little holes on your leaves. It is more than likely spider mites. Click to Purchase Jewelers Loupe ➭ 

How to get rid of Spider Mites

Because I was 1 week away from harvest, it wasn't hard to make them go away forever. Now, if you are just beginning your grow and you are seeing lots of webbing and damage to the leaves, it could mean this infestation is far to gone. It may be best to just throw it out and start over. BUT, if you want to give it a try and fight the battle, here are a few different methods I tried. I will put the link to all the supplies below the list ♡

  1. Spot Treat - Get a Q tip and alcohol. Put Alcohol on Q-tip and lightly dab on any spider mite you see. No need to press hard; they squish very easily.

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✿ Q-tips - 

✿ Alcohol - 

  1. Insecticidal Soap - This is probably the cheapest option you can buy. Spray this directly on the spider mites and their webbing. This kills on contact so it will kill the adult mites but the larvae and eggs will survive.

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  1. Sierra Natural Science 217 Spider Mite Control - The best spray yet. It’s kind of pricey but so worth it. It kills all mites and eggs ending the life cycling that can seem never ending. This product does not harm other beneficial insects so it is safe to use on your outdoor gardens as well. Not to mention it is made out of rosemary so it smells sooooo good. It’s almost therapeutic to spray. I use this as a preventative spray every 2 weeks.


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✿ This product can be found at your local hydroponic store ✿

  1. Diatomaceous Earth - Diatomaceous earth is made from the fossilized remains of tiny, aquatic organisms called diatoms. This powder cuts the exoskeleton of the spider mites and will cause them to eventually dry out and die. This does not kill the eggs. I layed this in the soil and on the stand my plant was sitting on.

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  1. Lady bugs! - Yes, the real live thing. If you don't mind living with lady bugs then they are the best option. They will devour any mite type of insect. And they are so cute to look at!  Note- Diatomaceous will kill ladybugs if they come in contact with the powder. Click Here to Purchase ➭ 

  1. Sanitize the plant area before and after each grow. Wipe it down with alcohol. EVERYTHING!

In the Flowering Stage?

  1. Bud- washing - After I harvested my plant. I washed it with the 3 bucket method. Basically washing buds to kill any spider mites that might want to climb elsewhere.

To see how, watch the Youtube Link below.

Youtube- Not mine but someone that has more experience than me. 

Note - I would trim before washing to get as many spider mites off as possible. Make sure to contain your trimmings in a specific spot to reduce spider mites from traveling.

  1. Wet-Trimming- Go ahead and trim your buds after you harvest. Wet trimming is probably the better option for an infestation. Dry Trimming only gives spider mites a chance to reproduce and travel.

  1. Shower Flush - Now most people would not recommend this because tap water can have unwanted minerals and ph levels, however if you are desperate water quality is the last thing on your mind. Put the whole plant in your shower and literally shower your plant. Make sure the water is not too hot or cold.

I got rid of spider mites using all of these resources. That doesn’t mean that you need all of these methods. Figure out what works best for you!

To Help Prevent SpiderMites

  1. Use a preventative spray such as insecticidal soap or the Sierra Natural Science, every 2 weeks.
  2. Try to only touch your plants with clean hands and only enter your tent or plant area with clothes that haven't been worn outside.

It seems like a lot and you’ll feel like a surgeon sterilizing all the time but it's better than having to fight specs of satan.

Good luck on your Journey!!!

  • Ayannah Light

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