Tincture Recipe (Warm Method)

How to make Cannabis Tincture

Here are my jars of tincture labeled with the date.


This tincture recipe is the easiest to make. Just a few simple ingredients and you'll have some pretty potent stuff. Be careful using these ingredients. This recipe requires 190 proof Everclear. If it is not legal in your state, get the highest Ever clear you can find. Make sure to not smoke or have an open flame around this concoction. Because it is basically lighter fluid vapor! Please, it's nothing to play with!

Get some killer bud and use it in this tincture recipe and you are sure to be floating on the moon in the stars.


  240 Milliliters Everclear 190 Proof

✿ Mason Jar 

✿ 7  Grams decraboxyinated herb

Step 1: Pour in 7 grams of decarbed herb 

Step 2: Pour Everclear on top

Step 3: Mix together and let sit for 24 hours or more. (Tip: The longer, the more potent!!)


Make sure to shake it every night and every morning to combine.

-Ayannah Light


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