Pros and Cons of Growing

  Pros & Cons of Cannabis Growing


✿  Eventually saves money -  I’m talking about saving thousands, yearly, by simply growing your own bud. Do the math, think about how much you spend each week, month, year!

✿ Life Changing Hobby - The passion for growing can become surreal. It’s truly magical and enlightening. Just sitting in front of your tent looking at your baby's growth will take you to another planet. (Opening my grow tent and seeing my progress every day after work lifts my spirits beyond belief. Not to mention the wonderful smells of the flowering process. Mmmm so sweet!)

 Collecting - Have you ever had a strain that you love so much but your local plugs never have it? Home growing gives you the knowledge to find and grow your favorite bud. To me, this is where home growing becomes so thrilling!

✿  Canna Community - The cannabis community is one of the most helpful communities I’ve ever been a part of. They want to see your growth flourish just as much as you do. Literally just a bunch of super smart stoners giving major advice. Be prepared to meet your very best growing friend.

✿ A healthier smoke - The 2nd best part about growing (after saving money, of course) would be the cleanliness of your bud. Because you know what went down when you grew it, you know exactly what’s in your flower.


✿ Expensive -  Hear me out! Starting your journey is very much expensive. If you want a successful grow and supplies that last long, you have to spend the money. I promise there's a successful endgame here.

✿ Serious Deal - This is not a hobby you take lightly. If you want top tier bud you have to stay on top of it. When growing, cannabis is very forgiving; it's actually a really hard weed to kill. However, if you want top shelf you have to put in the work. Which can be very overwhelming in the beginning but it gets wayyy easier.

Sh*t They Don’t Tell You About Growing

  1. See your state's regulations on growing cannabis, make sure you know the laws for your own benefit.

  1. There are a lot of unnecessary tips people will give you, do your own research (Google 😆) and see what works best for you.

  1. Don’t tell people about your plans to grow, only people that are close

  1. Buying seeds online is easy!

  1. Hydroponic stores usually specialize in selling cannabis grow products, chat it up with the workers they know everything!

  1. Join Cannabis grow groups on facebook.

  1. Auto equipment is your very best friend.

  1. You can make it shake with just a light and a fan, make sure the light is of quality.

  1. Do you! You got this!!
  • Ayannah Light


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