9 House Plant Tips for Beginners

Collecting house plants can feel so tranquilizing and fulfilling. But first, everybody has to get initiated into the plant community, the hard way. That means you must unalive a few plants. I'm sorry in advance but rules are rules.

When I first started my houseplant collection, I adopted some succulents, they never EVER grew. I just assumed they would stay small or that they were really fake. I moved on and eventually got my first foliage plant(Golden Pothos). I made sure to get a plant that was a “beginner” house plant so I could avoid any sudden deaths. Well I am here to tell you beginner plants are not the “easier”  plants. They are just plants that are slightly less harder to kill.  Nothing is easy when you literally have no idea what you're doing or where to even start.

I made all the wrong mistakes on several of my plant babies (RIP). Nevertheless, I learned and I prevailed! Here are some tips that will hopefully help you save your plant babies.

9 Tips for Beginners

1. Make sure your pot ALWAYS has drainage holes.

If a pot does not have holes on the bottom, there are a couple of things you can do.

  • Buy a special drill bit that cuts holes into pots. Drill bit depends on the pot’s material.
  • Keep plants in nursery pots and put them inside your cute pot!

2. Use a moisture meter

Arguably the worst issue for beginners is overwatering. Which causes the fatal root rot. I’ve lost so many poor poor plants to root rot.  A moisture meter will help you gauge how much water your plants need. A must for all beginners.


3. Butt Chug aka Bottom watering

Fill up a container full of water and sit your plant in the container. The plant will suck up the water it needs. Give it about an hour to replenish its thirst. 

See benefits of Buttchugging here: https://lightsplantlove.myshopify.com/blogs/house-plant-blog/bottom-watering-aka-butt-chugging 

4. Use pesticide prevention, once every 2 weeks.

Use incestide soap on house plants to keep the bugs away.


5. When getting a new plant, wait at least 2-4 weeks before you re-pot

Some store plants were just repotted before they got to the store, too much repotting can shock plants. Which can be instantly  fatal!

6. Do not water every day

Majority of plants don’t need water everyday. Watering everyday can lead to some gnarly root rot.

7. Start off with the cheaper plants

Don't start off buying the most expensive plants. Trust me you'll get there! Just be patient.

8. Read the facts before or when buying a plant

Sometimes your home isn't acclimated to some plants. Figure out what the plant needs before you purchase them.

9. Get a humidifier

The more advanced plants you get, more than likely you will start to run into plants that are native to more tropical climates. They love humidity and it's crucial if you want those giant gorgeous green foliage.


Most importantly, Research and experiment to find what's right for you. In no time you’ll have the prettiest foliage ever!! ✿ ♡

  • Ayannah Light

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