Benefits of Butt Chugging

Butt chugging sounds like something they used to do during prohibition days, I know. But it is actually a very beneficial and effective way to water your plants. The non funny name of this is called "Bottom Watering". Bottom water is a way of watering that helps keep away pests like gnats and fruit flies that live on top of the soil while also decreasing mold and mildew that could form on the top of soil when top watering.

Extra Plant Tip: If you see mold growing on the top of your plant soil. Mix hydrogen peroxide and water in a spray bottle. About a 50:50 ratio. Spray top of soil with peroxide/water mix. Because of the extra oxygen molecule in peroxide. Oxygen helps roots absorb nutrients through the soil. Creating healthier foliage grow!

Over-watering is very common for beginners. It causes root rot which can be deadly and also TRAGIC for you and your plants. It is soooo wonderful because it helps PREVENT root rot. It also helps the plant's roots to stretch, making them longer and thicker. This is a gorgeous thing because if you do happen to catch root rot, your plants can possibly be saved by getting rid of the rotting roots.

How to Bottom Water

Step 1: To bottom water get a bucket or bowl that is big enough to fit your potted plant in.  

Step 2: Pour water in the bucket/bowl and sit plants in the bucket/bowl of water. (Pour in nutrients if you use them).  

Step 3: Wait at a minimum of 30 minutes.

✿ If your plant sucks up all the water, pour more water into the bowl. Your plant will know when it is done drinking.Thats the beauty of buttchugging!

✿ Also, there is about a 2 day maximum for over watering your plant by using this method. So don't worry about over watering if you forget about it for a couple of hours like I have done many times.

Step 4: Once your plant is done pulling up water, take it out.

✿ You'll want to have something to catch the excess water that drains out of the bottom.

✿ I let my plants sit in a separate empty bucket for a few minutes before putting them back in their spots.

I water all of my plants this way and it has become a serious plant saver. It changed the plant game for me. You will start to see healthier foliage and less gnats in no time.


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