Cannabis Infusion Chart

Here is a ratio of about how much cannabis should be in your infusion. It took me a while to find a base to start with, because every recipe you google has a different amount of decarbed cannabis to add (I’m sure you’ve noticed!). The catch is these measurements are never going to be exact. It’s intensity, and what exactly you want from it, all depends on the flower you are using. Therefore the amount of cannabis you add or subtract depends on the strain. 

The measurements below are your base. You can always add or subtract cannabis to your recipe, in fact I encourage you to! Do some experiments, figure out what works for you and make sure to write down all your side notes!!


✿ I use an Ardent Machine to infuse all of my products EXCEPT for Tincture. This machine is truly the biggest time saver ever!  The company owner is also amazing and they love to send out edible recipes. Best spam emails ever!

✿ Measure how many grams after decarbing your flower

✿ Use more or less cannabis if you want, nothing is set in stone!

✿ Notice your cannabutter isn’t solidifying? Let butter solidify in the fridge, then drain excess water. 

✿ MCT Oil is the least cannabis tasting oil and it’s also good for you! (Best for gummies in my opinion)

✿ Cut recipes in half and start small. Don’t want to waste any precious bud if you mess up!

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