How to make Canna Sugar Step by Step

How to Make Cannabis Sugar

Canna Sugar? I think yes!! 

What is Canna Sugar? Cannabis Sugar is sugar that is infused with THC. It can be used for so many things such as making infused candy and drinks. You will be using grain alcohol to make this recipe so please be cautious if/when you are using the oven! Burning the house down will ruin the sugar 🙁 Now, let us begin!


  2 Cups of Sugar

✿  1 Cups Tincture : See my Tincture Recipe here


✿  Baking Sheet

Parchment paper

Container to store sugar in

Step 1: Place parchment paper on top of the baking sheet.  

Step 2: Pour Sugar on parchment paper and evenly spread out. 

Step 3: Pour tincture on top. Making sure to submerge all the sugar.

Step 4:  Dry in the oven on  200 °F, make sure to leave the oven open and keep an eye on the sugar. Or air dry until sugar is completely dry. Air drying can take up to 2-3 days.

Step 5(Optional): After the sugar dried, I blended it in a blender to break it apart.

Step 6: Store in a container for future use!


-Ayannah Light

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